Wearable Devices

Cutting edge technology in wearables


In this lesson you will:

  • Receive a background to wearables
  • Gain an understanding of the wearables ecosystem
  • Be exposed to examples of new wearable devices in different categories
  • Ethics: Receive a comparison between User Agreements in technology and the ethical processes of patient informed consent

Topic: Wearable devices

Topic: Ethics relating to Patient Informed Consent

In this presentation you will be reminded of the benefits of new technologies in medicine and you will be reminded of the key theories that used in ethics reasoning. This topic dives into the ideals of the doctor patient informed consent process and contrasts that with the App agreement that a patient would typically agree to.

Reflection questions

  1. Which of the wearable devices did you find most interesting in terms of patient and HCP applications?
  2. Looking at the wearables ecosystem where do you find the most potential ethical harms for patients?
  3. How do you think wearables might change the expectations that patients have of their health care provider?
  4. Do you think that informed consent with a HCP remains relevant when patients could potentially seek their own treatment plans using technology resouces?

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