About Us

SAAPI's Core Members are pharmacists in pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality assurance, and regulatory affairs, who are involved in the supply of high-quality medicines and/or medical devices

SAAPI provides up to-date support and advance training on the pharmaceutical manufacturing sciences and technologies to be able to implement appropriate solutions over the product lifecycle. SAAPI advances its members’ knowledge on regulatory sciences that will impact the total regulatory processes, such as the licensing of facilities, manufacturing processes and operations and the sustainability of the supply chain. SAAPI has longstanding relationships with the Medicine Regulator, Pharmacy Council and other national and international stakeholders and SAAPI will continue to engage with these organisations on matters pertaining to our Industry.

SAAPI’s Purpose

SAAPI provides advance training, support, and share best practices to present solutions and empower our members in the manufacturing of quality medicines and to guide the improvement of the pharmaceutical value chain to ensure the availability of quality medicines to patients.

Who We Are?

SAAPI, the South African Association for Pharmacist in Industry is a sector of Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA), and a not-for-profit association serving its Members by providing scientific, technical and regulatory skills development and guiding policy and scientific matters through the pharmaceutical lifecycle.

SAAPI is committed to provide forums for members to advance their professional efficiency.

SAAPI SAAPI is a sector of The Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA), and was founded in 1995

Our Members consists of individuals active in the scientific and technical areas of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and included: Pharmacists and other professionals including engineers, microbiologists, chemists, QA/QC, production, process development, regulatory and training personnel, academia, suppliers..


what we do

What We Do

We provide value to PSSA members who practice in the industry and represent pharmacists and allied professionals who practice in the healthcare industry.

our vision

Our Vision

Skilled and well-resourced industrial pharmacists

our mission

Our Mission

SAAPI promotes the health and well-being of South Africans and the continent by ensuring the security of supply of pharmaceuticals and medical devices through well-resourced and competent industrial pharmacists.



SAAPI is not restricted to pharmacists only, but welcomes the participation of our non-pharmacist colleagues who share our mission. For a Membership Form and Membership criteria please click here.

SAAPI Executive Director

Yolanda Peens

Executive Committee for 2023/2024

Partridge Gina
Meakings James
Blumenthal Leanne
Chetty Tammy
Choonara Yahya
Chukwu Byron
Letsoalo Christine
Vice President
Demana Patrick
Duvenhage Ingrid
Minoka Maharaj
Terblanche Lynette
Zondi Millicent