Medical Ethics of New Technologies in
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SAAPI would like to extend a very warm welcome to you as you explore the four online lessons below on medical ethics with application to new technologies in medicine.

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Q: How is this course structured?

This course is structured in a flexible manner for your convenience. Therefore, you may work through the video content below at your leisure. This self-paced structure offers you the ability to plan your learning according to your own schedule.

Q: Is there a live interactive session?

Yes, please note that on the 13th November 2020, at 10:30am there will be a live online Q&A session. If at any point you have questions or comments on the content, please reserve them for this session. Please book your diary for this time.

Q: When does this course end?

The course content will be available until 13 November 2020, please plan to complete the course work accordingly.

Technology Ethics Course