News on the “SAHPRA Bill”

[B 6-2014]

The recent set of changes made to the Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Bill, by the National Council of Provinces (NCOP), has been approved and signed off by the Health Portfolio Committee (4th November). The final step in the 18 month journey of this legislative amendment, intended to pave the way for the new Health Products Regulatory Authority, is for the Bill to be signed off by the Honourable State President.

It is hoped that implementation of the legislation will be around March – April 2016.

Copy of the approved Bill in its most recent/final form – version D. [B 6D – 2014].


Changes hat were made by the NCOP, Select Committee on Social Services – version [B 6C – 2014].

151022Bill_6D_2014 (1)

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