SAAPI Conference 2018

4th and 5th October


safety and efficacy of manufactured medicines

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SAAPI taking responsibility

for leading change in the industry

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“Association of¬†pharmacists and allied professionals in the healthcare¬†industry”

what we do

We provide value to PSSA members who practice in the industry and represent pharmacists and allied professionals who practice in the healthcare industry.


our vision

“To empower pharmacists as leaders and decision makers in the health care industry.”


our mission

“To maintain and promote professional standards, responsibilities and interests of pharmacists in industry in order to play an active role in ensuring the quality, safety and efficacy of manufactured medicines, as well as in the health care delivery system in SA.”



SAAPI is not restricted to pharmacists only, but welcomes the participation of our non-pharmacist colleagues who share our mission. For a Membership Form and Membership criteria please click below.